Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Lyrical " College Library "

I started doing this when I was a sophmore in highschool. Ipod on shuffle. type out the lyrics that catch my mind. Just a way to think without thinking you know ?

Me and gravity we never could agree. All I wanna do is believe. I guess no one ever really likes getting older. All our best intentions never lit the world on fire. feel like you're treading water, but the riptide's getting stronger. Don't panic. Don't jump ship. Can't fight it. Like Taxes. They're singing happy birthday, you just wanna lay down and cry. Can't you be optimistic ? You're no longer the Ingenue. I'd sell my kicks for one more low-tar. When everything feels all over, everybody seems unkind, I'll give you a four leaf clover; take all the worry out of your mind. Why , why ,why is it hard to sleep? I don't mind if you build your dreams around it. I'm coming clean, I fooled the crowd when I made it sound like I was more than ready. I'm trying to find truth in words in rhymes in notes, in all the things I wish I'd wrote. the need to fit in gets harder when trying to live life from a script. I'm not bitter it's just I've passed that point in my life. too tired , too obtuse. wake up, think fast. Three weeks have passed. no sleep no gas, no excuses will pass these lips. I'll sing you something you won't forget. For the first time I know this is now who I am. Just look at me now. This chaos, this calamity, give your immortality to me, I'll set you up against the stars. This is the time and this is the place to be alive. Am I more than you bargained for yet? how can you soar if you're nailed to the floor. Here's a toast to all those who hear me all too well. Here's to the nights we felt alive. Wanna ditch the logical. I never thought I could be who I am. Show me how pretty the world is, I envy the way that you move. I want something a little bit louder. You're brilliant when you try. Jump in my car we'll go one hundred around the bends. We'll take this road until we're back at the start again. the curtain calls and the big parade, you know that life a little too well. Hold up your hands for the bow and the wave. How, as we travel can we see the dismay , and keep from fighting? Cages or wings, which do you prefer? ask the birds. What does it take to wake up a generation? How can you make someone take off and fly? These hearts they race from self control. Your father never watched the sky, your mother cried in bed, so you danced alone, in a house where no one listened while you spoke. All that I have to give are these two empty hands. I wanna feel the bomb drop, the earth stop until I'm satisfied. Nothing dims these stars. Nothings gonna stop me but divine intervention. It's not a problem it's a challenge, It's just a challenge. Connection in an isolating Age. For once the shadows gave way to light, for once I didn't disengage. I quit dying in america. We're dying in America to come into our own.

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